Pandemic, Parents, and Pareto : The causes and the consequences

Pandemic, Parents, and Pareto : The causes and the consequences
They feel solace and adequately calm and comfort. At least for one or two days, children will be relieved and can think out of the box to introduce many things. Parents can educate multiple aspects. It can be having fun, rejuvenating, and exhilarating with new toys, a timetable to study, screen time, planting and gardening, make shapes with cardboard, learning tables, and many more!

Kiaan is playing with a box and segments with tabs, stacks, and figurines. Harish has a meeting in the next room when his superior yelling at him. Shivani, the spine and backbone of her house, is preparing food, cleaning the vessels, putting the clothes in the washing machine, and it clicked 10:00 am when she has a meeting to discuss the new project with her boss and two new engineers.

She just opened the laptop, and Kiaan wants something to play with her. Shivani told him, “it’s my meeting with the boss and a client and will play later”, but he felt terrible that nobody wants to play with him. Harish yearns to support, but he could not comfort his wife and kid, because of meetings and designing his drawings, which he wants to show to his boss.

What ensues to such a lad, trying to play with somebody, but it started sobbing and just tearful eyes!

Have you ever thought of Pareto analysis? Does that fit with this kind of...

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