Practical Views on domestic inquiry

Principles of natural justice requires that no person can be punished unless he is given an opportunity to defend himself and he is aware of the charges against which he may be punished.

In this back drop, be it a private sector employee or public sector or govt. employee, before any punishment is awarded, enquiry in to charges is a must. Law relating to disciplinary enquiry is not codified. It is judge made law. Conducting domestic enquiry or disciplinary enquiry in to the charges levelled against the employee is highly technical and assumes importance because if the enquiry is held invalid by the court, punishment awarded on the basis of finding of such enquiry also loses legal sanctity.

So, for every manager and legal practitioner who is having any interest in service jurisprudence must know the technical details of how enquiry should be conducted so that during judicial scrutiny it Is not declared invalid.
V.V. Satyanarayana (Balu) book on “Practical views on domestic enquiry” is an authentic work which addresses in details entire gamut of this subject .

The author has also incorporated the required notifications given by the Central Vigilance Commission as well as department of Personnel and Training on the subject for better admiration of the subject matter and for precision including several Supreme Court of India judgments and relevant High Courts judgments for enlightenment of the knowledge on the subject issue. The book covers all aspects of domestic enquiry including misconduct, charge-sheet, process of enquiry and punishment.

The book will be very much useful for the legal fraternity as a point of ready reference on many aspects of the subject.
The collection of judgments on (i) Administrative Law, (ii) Misconduct and (iii) inquiry are highlights of this book.

Author : V. V. Satyanarayana (Balu)
Publisher : Law Publishing House, 39, Sheo Charan Lal Road, Allahabad-211 003
Price : Rs. 1700/-
Website :

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