Objective is to bring cheers on people faces

Objective is to bring cheers on people faces - Raj Sindal
HR professional I feel when every employee is finds difficult to say anything to anyone or does not get solution to his problem, his last hope is HR who listens and understands him and make efforts to give solution to his problem.

What Inspired you to join HR profession?

RS Realising that I have an innate sense of interacting with people and understanding their behaviour and attitude and making efforts to help them out later gave confidence and built up the strength that if I somehow associate myself with people related activities, will give satisfaction and that drove me towards HR function fully knowing that it will haver many challenges but I liked that.

Do you find any difference between your dream job and reality? If yes, what?

RS Not very much. There is one difference between dream job and reality that job life is quite different from what you thought of where you are able to live your personal and professional life properly. Everyday there is a new challenge in job life which sometimes like geela good (Wet Jaggery) and you have to live with that having no option and...

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Raj Sindal

currently is working as senior Executive - HR with overlooking after the end-to-end recruitment, on boarding, performance management & other HR functions from more than 2 years.

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