Bringing mental wellbeing back in employees

Bringing mental wellbeing back in employees - Aditi Tanwar
Employees now a days are very focused and goal oriented. They tend to move to next better opportunity easily hence our process and documentation has to be very strong.

What inspired you to join HR profession?

AT Human psychology and behaviour have always been my area of interest. HR profession not only gives you opportunity to observe behaviour pattern but also to implement your learning and bring remarkable change in behaviour of others. As a HR professional, you always have a sense of service to people, hence you can do alot to make organisation a happy place to work. You can be a guide which help people grow and also a parent which takes care of their comfort.

Do you find any difference between your dream job and reality? If yes, what?

AT A very important function of HR is talent management. It is observed that due to easy accessibility of talent in the market our focus is shifted from overall talent management to just talent acquisition. Attrition rate all across is increasing not just because better pay...

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Aditi Tanwar

Masters in social work from Udaipur School of Social Work, Aditi Tanwar has five years of experience in HR domain. She was lastly associated with Secure Meters, Udaipur.

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