Aligning HR with business objectives is to be focused

Aligning HR with business objectives is to be focused - Gyandeep Mishra
The leadership team should have futuristic approach towards bringing the right culture with right resource in the organisation.

What inspired you to join HR profession?

GM While doing internship in HR as part of studies, I got a chance to visualize the importance of HR function specially in a manufacturing setup, where I observed that one should have an approach to deal with the different mindset people and bring them together for a common objective.

During my training, I found that this is the function which has high potential to have exposure on working with large group of people with a diversified mindset. I was very keen to take such challenges, hence forth decided to build my carrier in this profession.

Do you find any difference between your dream job and reality? If yes, what?

GM Upon starting my carrier in HR, I had a dream to learn multi – dimensional aspect of HR and after moving into different roles in different organisations in last 12 years, I am...

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Gyandeep Mishra

currently is working with Goodyear India Limited as Manager - Compliance & Payroll. He has been in industry as HR professional since last 12 years in manufacturing sector.

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