Not Just Nice-to Have!

Not Just Nice-to Have!

Workplace culture and its importance has been defined in many words and forms. It is said that culture is the glue that keeps your talent intact. Culture is the driving force of business growth. Culture is the oil that keeps the organisation running smoothly and so on…

The crux of the matter is that no organisation can survive without having a work culture that is aligned with its values and mission. It is not something like just nice-to-have but is a strategic imperative. Culture travels through values, leadership behaviour and actions, and day-to-day interaction of employees till the last point. People are what it makes, what it is. People of the organisation are the wheels of work culture. Culture does not happen overnight. It is a journey. Every second, every person in organisation creates an additional layer through how he interacts, decides and acts. It is not leadership alone that makes or breaks culture. Every single person is responsible for it. Both the management and the employees have a meaningful role in shaping the workplace culture.

Moreover, since it varies from organisation to organisation and is not the same in two, each workplace has to work independently for its natural growth.

Being not a one-time task but an ongoing process, HR must continuously assess whether it is on the right track. Revisit your core values, and ensure that it is perfectly aligned with those. Keep people in the center. Get regular feedback and know-how external and internal customers perceive your work culture. This way HR can identify the grey areas and work on its improvement.

Fine-tuning or improving work culture is not always that easy. It also has certain challenges. People like the status quo. They resist change. They believe in their comfort zone. They don’t want to ruffle the feathers and act differently. Look for leadership support in this. It may help you navigate the change for improvement.

The cover story of this edition talks about the factors that decode the workplace culture, industry experts suggest the benefits of having a positive work culture and identifying the challenges by providing insights about how to overcome such barriers so that it can be driven smoothly.

If you like it let us know. If not, well, let us know that too.

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