Move Towards Developing Coaching Culture

Move Towards Developing Coaching Culture

“Training & Development” has been one of the segments of HR policy in most of the Corporates. Training Need analysis is normally drawn up depending on the business development, automatons, process change, skill development, rationalisations, productivity enhancements, quality & cost of product related, and most importantly soft skill inadequacies as assessed by the Management etc. HR, be on its own initiative drives or based on the annual program as required by the top Management carries out the programme.

Globalisation led the business to be competitive in acquiring market shares in foreign countries and necessary to import technology, liberal exports & imports, process and method changes including addressing cost of products which required automation and enhanced productivity with international quality standards. To accomplish these targets, cooperation, understanding, adaptation to change, the role of employees was inevitable. Here where the initiatives of “Training & development “took its birth”. All of us are fully aware...

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K. Vittala Rao

is Legal & Management Consultant and author of Labour Law books.

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