Mission Raniganj- Lessons for leadership & HR

Mission Raniganj- Lessons for leadership & HR
The film reminds us that, like the characters, corporations can adapt, make ethical choices, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

In addressing management challenges, it is important to consider practical, real-world solutions that consider the needs, concerns, and behaviour of the people involved in the organisation while navigating the complexities of the situation. It emphasises a balanced and human-centric approach to problem-solving in the field of management.

Some movies are not only entertaining, but they also go beyond their cinematic boundaries to offer profound insights that resonatewith numerous facets of professional life. “Mission Raniganj”- The Great Bharat Rescue- is one such thought-provoking film that delves into many management lessons and making it a rich source of wisdom for individuals and teams across various sectors. It has much to teach us about leadership, people management, and workplace safety practises, whether we’re a corporate leader, an HR professional, or someone committed to workplace safety.

Lessons for Leadership Team

1. Purpose-Driven Leadership :

The movie...

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Jitendra Patel

currently is Head -IR, CLM & EW at Larsen & Toubro, Hazira.

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Jitendra Patel

currently is Head -IR, CLM & EW at Larsen & Toubro, Hazira.

November 2023

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