The perils of Mother-in-Law leadership Syndrome

The perils of Mother-in-Law leadership Syndrome
Such leaders are typical fault finders, micro-managers and recline in superiority complexion, which is garnered through bookish knowledge. They keep flashing a mirror that only reflects your negatives. They forget the fact that a true leader is one who appreciates your talent and skills and leverages them to further the organizational goals and vision.

Sentimental Warning: The article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of the mother-in-laws of the 21st century, who tend to treat everyone equally and fairly. Rather, this inference is drawn to express thoughts on better management and leadership so that we discover and accept reality with a tinge of humour. We wish they do not to take it to heart, but accept it in the right spirit for their learning and betterment.

The paradox of Indian marriages has always been dominated by mother-in-laws since ages. In fact, it has also been the basis of TRP hikes for television channels. Coming from the human resources function, I am privileged to have come across several leaders and observe their behavioural patterns as well. In the early days of my career, my observation was confined to using tools such as Lominger 67 and Gallup 34 themes, etc. Indeed, such tools are scientifically tested and proven by B-schools as well as eminent management gurus. Surprisingly till date, none of the business...

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