Metamorphosing its way through disruption, HR in the forefront!

Metamorphosing its way through disruption, HR in the forefront!
Despite such drastic changes, emotional stress and strain, HR is relentlessly pursuing the herculean task by connecting with managers and teams to ensure quality conversations, setting new targets and identifying relevant developmental goals.

The so called ‘new normal’ was initially an ‘overnight disruption’. There was baffled confusion all around to stay safe and healthy. Businesses, large-medium-small, were struggling for survival. Productivity temporarily stalled; employers concerned about staying afloat and employees about their jobs.

Adjusting the sails to face the storm, once again, HR transformed and evolved as a function which became a backbone for organizational success. It has crafted its way, keeping an eye on the rapidly changing scenario, following regulations and compliances introduced from time to time, understanding business exigencies and preparing workforce to contribute their best.

Navigating the disruption with resilience and agility, HR leaders recreated structures, reframed policies, implemented innovative solutions, all the while ensuring the wellbeing of everyone around.

Amidst the humongous change of the last few months, HR has been ubiquitous in providing cushions to soften the blows as well as strengthening the foundation. A few areas where HR has...

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Sushma Bhalkikar

Head HR at GMR Varalakshmi Foundation Community Services wing, Hyderabad

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