Gig sector need to be taken care of with sensitivity

Gig sector need to be taken care of with sensitivity
In India, prior to the lock down we witnessed a strike by Uber and Ola drivers in Feb 2017 in Bengaluru & Delhi, then in March 2017 in Mumbai, because of loss in the expected monthly earnings of these business partners/business associates though the demands emanating for the strike were amicably settled.

Visualising at the post covid business scenario, would IR/ER front also be changed or will remain same and if yes, what changed dimensions do you foresee emerging in industrial Relations/Employee relations?

RM The corona virus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic is still continuing and we have yet to enter the post COVID- 19 business scenario. Post lock down revenue and profitability of most enterprises have been adversely impacted and certain sectors such as Apparel/Textiles, Automotive, Aviation, Capital goods,Construction involving housing, Entertainment, Event management, Film production, Goods transport, Gems & Jewelry, Luxury goods, Metals & Fabricated products, Movie theatres, Passenger transport, Trade fairs, Tourism & Hospitality and some others have been very badly impacted. The fall in revenue, as well as viability of enterprises is impacted because of fall in demand, supply and distribution chain disruptions, limitations in carrying out the activities in lock down...

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