Manager should be able to understand the change in Workforce Psyche

Manager should be able to understand the change in Workforce Psyche
At the managers end, it will be important to unlearn the intuitive part of people decision making and gravitate more towards the new, rich, analytics based decision making patterns. As in all changes, this will also require change in mindsets which HR should be able to drive.

Do you think that Business Organisations now look for certain new competencies for managers? If so, what is your perspective in this respect?

AL “When I talk to managers I get the feeling they’re important. When I talk to leaders I get the feeling I’m important.” – Alexander den Heijer quipped a few years back.

By the end of 2019, the pandemic had enveloped us. Apart from our ability to fight back, our resilience and our grit, what also gained prominence and all-round acceptance was a whole new world, where most age old and proven business myths were shattered.

The raging virus, instilled in the people a sense of fear, insecurity, loss, which manifested itself in more and more people taking a hard look at or trying to put straight their priorities. Suddenly work life balance, family time, health and fitness, emotional well-being, started making more sense to employees and therefore, to organisations which needed to include these factors in their talent strategy. With all these, came new...

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