Lenient approach brings short term gain

Lenient approach brings short term gain
It is well accepted fact that disciplined employees are the backbone of good industrial relations in any company. Such issues which affect the overall image of the company CANNOT BE SOLVED with soft approach rather it needs stringent disciplinary approach.

1. It is well accepted fact that developing mutual trust between Employees & Management is strength of good employee relation in any organisation. Hashmat philosophy of maintaining industrial relation is based on Human Relation approach. However in my opinion the approach Hashmat has followed in managing the employee relation which although paid the dividends but in fact it has no rationalization. Such philosophy provides the company short term gain however does not keep going for a longer period.

Employees sometimes don’t believe in or support discipline as such they don’t adhere to the rules, regulations & desired standard of behaviour. Disciplinary action forces and constrains such employees to follow the orders & function in accordance with the rules & regulations through penalties & other form of action. I strongly believe that such employees who are involved in any act of misconduct such as dishonesty or Fraud as stipulated under the code of Conduct of the company, strict disciplinary action need to be initiated so that discipline is...

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Harish Malik

Ex-Vice president-HR & IR at Ultratech Cement-AB Group

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