Ethics and integrity not to be compromised

Ethics and integrity not to be compromised
Workers' outlook may change towards management if management will take strict action. Envisage and avoid collateral damages because of wrong decision-making. Follow disciplinary process and principle of natural justice.

1. There is no tested formula to handle employee relations. Many learned IR experts fail in certain situations, many handle IR effectively, without having prior experience in certain situations. It depends on how well we understand the situation and take necessary action. The same had happened with Hashmat, he had been working in this organisation for the past 8 years. When he joined labour unrest was on its peak and this situation sustained for almost 4 months. Hashmat worked hard to understand the overall situation and brought harmony in the organisation.

Every geographical area has its own culture, beliefs, and norms & on the basis of these, employees construct their thoughts and take decisions. Hashmat might have understood this and nailed on the right behaviour & actions to change the mindsets of the workers infavour of the management. Knowing the employees’ nerves is important.

Although Hashmat was doing the right thing, he could have dealt with new Director HR...

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Raj Kamal Chauhan

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