Leadership mantras can lead you to new horizons and help you achieve the impossible

Leadership mantras can lead you to new horizons and help you achieve the impossible

Leading a team efficiently and managing business challenges on an everyday basis is essential for corporate success but only a few leaders also succeed in creating a legacy.  For Alok Bansal, MD of Visionet Systems India and the Global Head of BFSI Business, it is not enough to reach new milestones but to also help prepare a new generation of business leaders. “To give back to society, and to mould raw potential to take on the world are a few of my primary goals,” says the man who has led his company to achieve a seven fold increase in revenue in six years and helmed path-breaking products like DocVu.AI (a cutting-edge system that ensures data security and helps in processing big volumes of data ). In 2020, he also initiated ‘Unnati for India,’ a free-skilling program to empower youth in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Alok says, everything he strives to do in his work life is guided by the desire to make a difference and adds, “I always tell aspirants that it is important to formulate your leadership mantras right at the beginning of your journey because they can lead you to new horizons and help you achieve the impossible. Be it a company or an individual, a core vision for the future is a must. Thinking ahead is critical to moving forward rather than backwards.”

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This future forward attitude helped him lead his company during the challenges of COVID-19 and Alok says, “Did we ever expect a crisis like the pandemic? It forced us all out of our comfort zones, adversely affected the global economy, and made us acutely aware of the importance of digital transformation. Companies that accelerated their digitalisation processes during this time, survived the aftershocks of this crisis while so many fell by the wayside. For us, our innovation DocVu.AI was the silver lining during this time and we also grew more cohesive as a team.”

Alok also mentions the importance of communication and negotiation skills to deal with everyday challenges at work and adds, “What you say is important but how you say it matters too. Whether you are managing a team or dealing with a client or closing a deal, knowing how to be respectful and also getting what you want is a skill critical to achieving success.”

Success also means that you use it constructively, says Alok and adds, “I always advise managers and aspiring leaders to put people first. You cannot build lasting success alone and only through communication, synergy, cooperation and empathy can you build a legacy. The work culture in a company must prioritise the well-being of employees and encourage a free flow of employee feedback. Post the pandemic, no organisation can afford to not listen to their workforce or ignore their medical and mental health challenges.”

One of the mantras that Alok adheres to as a leader is that workplaces regardless of their size must be inclusive, fair and appreciative of all employees. Says he, “As human-beings, we are wired to respond to encouragement and positivity. We want our contributions to be seen and rewarded and want to work in places that are non-discriminatory, safe and appreciative. In a world where finding premium talent in tech is a huge challenge, to retain, reward and upskill existing talent is absolutely critical.”

Finally he says, leaders must cultivate emotional intelligence apart from sharpening their problem-solving and people management skills.  He adds, “I cannot emphasize this enough. How you interact with others, manage your biases, keep your cool in demanding situations, communicate your doubts, clarify the doubts of others, how you bargain for a win-win solution will set you apart from others.”

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Alok Bansal

currently is Managing Director & Global Head, BFSI at Visionet Systems, Inc.

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