How Coaching can develop leaders

Leadership serves as the bedrock of any organization. However, numerous organizations face challenges in cultivating effective leaders, spanning from first-time managers to senior executives. Unfortunately, many organizations still employ a generic approach to leadership development, employing a...

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Winning Off-Site leadership strategy retreat

A recent employee survey showed that 66% of respondents found it challenging to build professional connections virtually. In comparison, nearly 75% of those who participated in the survey said face-to-face meetings were more effective than online communication. So how can managers be effective...

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Leaderless Groups – Myth or Reality?

As part of my job induction at Ahmedabad a few years ago, my wife and I were told to await the big event of Gujarat in October every year, and were told a little of what the Dandiya and Garba dance was all about… but almost all the locals agreed that the nine-day wonder was best experienced than...

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