Leaders need to define basic ground rules

Leaders need to define basic ground rules
Leaders need to define basic ground rules
While HR manages the hiring freeze, layoffs, online learning solutions, it is extremely important to not lose sight on building psychological safety for remote orkers/teams and employee experience - managing employees anxiety, motivation, engagement and well-being that impacts their productivity.

How COVID-19 is going to impact the work of future and what can be the framework of work from home model?

MN There is a big mindset shift in terms of the bias whether working from home actually works. Leaders are developing trust in their people to work from home and world’s leading Executives agree that there is no going back, the rapid changes taking place will be long-lasting for years to come.

Automobiles, Hospitality, and Manufacturing companies where work from home was unheard off are being forced to draft business continuity plans while ensuring the complete safety of their employees. Future business continuity plans will have to be evaluated keeping in mind these Black Swan events which could bring businesses to a grinding halt.

Traditionally, the financial and regulated sector did not let their employees work from home. Post COVID-19, many banking, finance and insurance companies such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, ICICI are scrambling to define their work from home...

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