Author - H.L. Kumar

is Advocate, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi. He has also been former Law Teacher in University of Delhi.

Labour Codes need to be given decent burial !

Even before the implementation of the Labour Codes as already enacted but not implemented, India is going to be the hub of the manufacturing sector in the years to come. Investors from all over the world are ready to make the huge investment that will impetus to the economy of the country. US...

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Retain than hiring new talent

Although hiring good employees is a nightmare but it is more difficult to retain the employees. Talent management is the key area in every company worth its HR department and the CEO are more worried about intellectual capital than working capital.

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Transfer-A tool to Stablise or Victimise?

The purpose of transfers is to stabilise employment in the organisation. Transfers should be made as a matter of policy after an employee has stayed on a job for a specified period. Such rotation from one job to another serves as a tool for developing versatile workers.

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Grossly inadequate Pension under EPS

Pension is a measure of security for old age, inability, and death of the breadwinner. But how the pension of Rs. 5914 after serving 26+2 years of service will help an old person to meet even the minimum of his/her needs is anybody's guess. Such a low amount in this age of high inflation is like...

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Long working hours reduce life expectancy

Monday blues are the serious warning signs that everything is not fine after free weekends. According to a survey conducted in European countries, the cases of heart strokes occur more on Mondays than on any other days because employees feel unduly stressed with the feeling of going to offices and...

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