It will bring new work dynamics

It will bring new work dynamics
Challenges would be mostly related to productivity, lack of time management, remote connectivity issues and most importantly confidentiality issues. HR would have to step in to train employees in remote etiquettes, time management and most importantly communication.

How COVID-19 is going to impact the work of future and what can be the framework of work from home model?

AB Covid has established that efficiency can be achieved while working from home. Given the factor that employees can tend to their household requirements, somewhere WFH is more conducive to productivity.

If you speak of framework, I guess other than the IT sector we are not yet in a place to actually full-fledgedly adopt the same. But as crisis brings creativity, covid has pushed most major corporations to develop unique ways to accomplish the same.

One thing has to be understood that when we say work from home it is not home, it is working from anywhere but the designated office space. WFH is basically pointing to a mobile workforce who prefers working in their own time and from their preferred place.

Large organizations opting for a WFH policy would see a tremendous reduction in establishment costs (rent, electricity, housekeeping etc) and even training costs would reduce as...

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