Induction at workplace

Induction at workplace
Any wrong or improper induction will determine sure exit of an employee, resulting into the waste of time in the recruitment, selection and placement time of a candidate into the system.

Induction :

Induction mean familiarisation of system/procedure/process/culture/organisation structure/ reporting relationship/policies/SOPs of an organisation to the new employee from the day one in order to facilitate him for a longer stay with the organisation. Organised industries have level wise well documented written induction policy and semi organised industries have verbal system of introduction professional companies do have the system of buddy to facilitate the new entrant from initial days of joining till date of confirmation. A well organised induction process reduces attrition rates among employee. Some of the first generation companies does not give space for induction process and laments for attrition resulting into mass attrition, which creates ripple effect into the job markets.

Process of Induction :

A new employee has to undergo the following process in the employee life cycle in the course of employment as under...

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Dr. Bhupendra Kaushal

Currently is Head - Manufacturing (HR) with Zydus wellness Limited.

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  • Dear All,

    Please read my article on Induction at work place . It will help young HR Managers and employer to understand the criticality of Induction Process . It will help organization for better retention .


  • Dear All,

    Induction is taken very lightly in most of the first generation industries for the want of business or operation or production from day one . which lead to disaster in the organization . Level wise induction period to be decided as per the level of hierarchy of the organization for better retention .

    It will not only help young manager to deal with the problem of attrition but also help startup / MSME to understand the importance of induction at the work place .


Dr. Bhupendra Kaushal

Currently is Head - Manufacturing (HR) with Zydus wellness Limited.

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