HR Leaders to lay their hands on optimization and adapting technology

HR Leaders to lay their hands on optimization and adapting technology
Most HR professionals are naturally driven to make work a place for employees to thrive. Inclusive and inspiring cultures; and a practice of lifelong learning that benefits employees and companies alike.

How do you define the Leadership in HR in the present environment?

NS In face of the unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 crisis has imposed on businesses, the leaders of the Human Resources (HR) function have become the primary guardians of the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees. HR leaders are playing a key role, covering several fronts, such as ensuring the health of the workforce, implementing safety protocols for those individuals who need to continue working in the offices, production facilities and warehouses, leading the communications between the business and its employees, developing work-from-home policies, and preserving as many jobs as possible. Consequently, HR leaders have been forced to navigate unexplored waters, regardless of the industry they are in.

For HR leaders, the pandemic has provided an unparalleled opportunity to work even more closely with the business and solidify themselves as true business partners to...

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Namrata Sharma

Director HR at Marriott Hotels, Mumbai

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