Be champion of innovation in organisation

Be champion of innovation in organisation
Good HR leaders are entrepreneurial, decisive, empathetic employee champions, understand business priorities well, perceptive to see around corners and of course have the functional expertise to take sound judgment calls that move the company forward positively.

How do you define Leadership in HR in the present environment?

SK HR leadership in the present environment is at a significant inflection point for several reasons –

i) Most workplaces are moving into ‘hybrid’ models combining physical and virtual presence of employees and that has a downstream impact on all people practices, employee engagement, culture preservation etc.

ii) At the same time, there is an accelerated path to be taken to become high tech in HR because as we have seen during Covid-19, High tech can enable High touch.

iii) Investments will need to be made in right organisation design along with capability building of leaders and HR teams to manage not just the present change but also to prepare the organisation for the future.

iv) In India, there is active discussion on changing labor laws including the...

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Smriti Krishna Singh

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