Think beyond HR to encompass business

Think beyond HR to encompass business
Actually HR leaders now need to have goals of becoming CEO's of organisations and hence will need to acquire all competencies of a successful CEO with Financial & Business acumen, Sales & Marketing, Innovation and also Stakeholder management, since as a CEO one needs to work at multiple of internal and external stakeholders.

How do you define the Leadership in HR in the present environment?

AC a. This is an era of digital leadership and agility and an important leadership requirement is the ability to be adaptable and successfully transition into newer ways of working and these include the following :

Management by Objectives – Ability to virtually set clear goals not just on an annual basis, but breaking into monthly and weekly sub goals, sub processes and timelines – and successfully manage business.

Management by high communication, collaboration & engagement – Ability to engage with teams and communicate on a regular basis by establishing a cadence of communication and to be highly motivational to give a sense of belongingness, again virtually.

Management by Trust – In the time of remote working, relationship building becomes highly critical which helps build trust. This also makes the teams comfortable with each other and help in giving and receiving...

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Anjali Chatterjee

Head People & Culture at Air Asia India, Bangaluru

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Anjali Chatterjee

Head People & Culture at Air Asia India, Bangaluru

June 2024

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