HR has to start focusing and nurturing value adding culture

HR has to start focusing and nurturing value adding culture
Technology and New methods of business will bring in Redundancy to some roles and on the other hand rew roles will come up.

How do you see the HR landscape in 2021?

SS 2021 will be remembered as another interesting year in history something like post World War 2 which caused Economic & Geo-Political changes. These changes play long term impact on HR and People practices. They will be felt in 2021 and later also.

Change in Geo-Political-economic relations will see change in foreign investments thus impacting Job and industry. Few countries will see higher investments from China, whereas others find increased investment from other Western countries. India has big opportunity to see investment boost thus impacting better job market.

“While Employees Safety” was prime focus of 2020, 2021 will be the year of “Revive Organization by partnering employees” to bring business back on track.

In mix model of WFH + Office mode, HR has started feeling need of re-defining career policy. Approach of developing People Managers will change with more weight age on How to Do rather what to Do? mindset of...

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Sanjeev Sharan

is associated as Director- HR with ZTE Telecom. He is also author of "Flipside of Management- 7 funny tales" & NLP Practitioner.

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