How tech can be instrumental in helping enterprises attract talent

How tech can be instrumental in helping enterprises attract talent

Your employees can be your key to attracting the best talent. Their word-of-mouth is far more impactful than any other paid or organic advertising. Their praises can influence people in their professional network to join your organization. At the same time, job hunters seek organisation reviews from existing employees, and again, employees’ positive feedback becomes the final push to make them apply for your jobs. In a nutshell, a high employee engagement score is all you need to become a talent magnet.

While positive employee experience and engagement reside at the core of attractive job offerings, HR technology helps you make the core even stronger, deliver exceptional employee satisfaction and create unique value for your prospective employees. Let’s have a look.

HR Technology to build a supportive culture

Every employee wants to be appreciated for a job well done. It makes them feel valued, which results in more employee engagement and motivation. Such employees are also more likely to recommend their companies to others. But, many organisations are unaware of tech implementations to encourage recognition and thereby suffer from low employee satisfaction.

HR Technology, when leveraged smartly, can work wonders for organisations to improve employee engagement scores and attract talent, especially in turbulent times

Companies can leverage HCM platforms that enable employees to recognize and reward each other with virtual points, trophies, badges, etc. Similarly, they can incentivize managers for crediting their team members so that the virtuous cycle of ‘performance-recognition-motivation’ continues to rotate at a constant speed. A sustained level of employee satisfaction is enough to shoot up your desirability among existing and prospective employees.

Technology Integration to create value

Rewards and recognition are indeed motivational factors for existing employees, but HR technology can provide further value addition to your reward program and make it attractive to external talent. For instance, you can bring more tangibility to your reward points by making them redeemable on e-commerce sites, online stores, streaming and other service-providing websites. Your HR technology provider can help you integrate your HCM platform with the partner sites so that your employees can utilize coupons and discounts with a few clicks. In some cases, you’ll find that the HR technology provider has a catalogue of partners readily available to integrate with your benefits program.

HR technology integrations aren’t limited to shopping discounts. You can also leverage them to create more holistic benefit programs that take care of employees’ health, life, loans, and even retirement. Providing such benefits make your employment much more valuable than a job with just a high salary. It helps you earn your employees’ loyalty and applause.

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HR Technology for Hybrid Working Model

Hybrid working is high in demand. A LinkedIn survey shows that 87% of job seekers prefer a remote or hybrid working setup. But, the fear of productivity loss is keeping most employers at bay. In such a job market, offering hybrid options is the easiest way to attract talent. The only hurdle is the loss of productivity, which can be easily overcome with the help of HR technology.

Performance management products can optimise productivity in real time. SaaS-based and mobile-friendly real-time productivity measurement products can assign and track work progress continuously so that the throughput is never compromised. If the rate of output is falling down, managers get proactively notified to take corrective measures before it’s too late. Efficient implementation of HR technology can bring up to 83% improvement in Productivity

So if you leverage the latest HR technology in the right direction, you can provide the much-demanded hybrid model and attract top talent effortlessly while increasing job satisfaction among existing employees.

Summing Up

HR Technology, when leveraged smartly, can work wonders for organisations to improve employee engagement scores and attract talent, especially at a time when phenomena like Quiet Quitting, White-collar Lethargy, and Great Resignation are becoming increasingly common. Offering hybrid working options, flexibility, and creating a healthy work culture will go a long way when done by leveraging technology. It’s evident that HR technology holds the answers to several organisational challenges and accelerates organisations on the runway of growth. It’s the way forward, and it’s here to stay.

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