How FinTech Companies Manage Their Human Resources Effectively

How FinTech Companies Manage Their Human Resources Effectively
By adopting these HRM practices, FinTech companies can improve their customer retention by creating a positive and productive workforce experience, where employees are engaged, motivated, and satisfied, and deliver value to customers.

FinTech is the application of technology to enhance or automate financial services, such as banking, payments, investing, and trading. FinTech companies offer solutions that enable customers to access, manage, or transact their finances digitally, such as apps for mobile banking, peer-to-peer payments, robo-advisors, or crypto platforms. These companies are known for their innovative and agile approaches to financial offerings, which also influence their Human Resources practices. This article examines how HR Business Partners (HRBPs) support the strategic management of human resources and the alignment of HR strategies with the business objectives of FinTech companies. This article also explores other HRM practices of FinTech organizations.

HR Business Partners (HRBPs) in FinTech

HRBPs are HR specialists who work with senior management to add value and make decisions for the company, especially during change. They align HR activities with managers’ needs and priorities. In FinTech, HRBPs help retain customers by creating a positive and...

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Sarmistha Roychowdhury

is CHRO/Head HR & Doctoral Research Scholar at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.

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