Gig economy presents todays workforce with a win-win proposition

Gig economy presents todays workforce with a win-win proposition
The digital gig economy generated a gross volume of approximately $204 bn from worldwide customers in 2018. Transportation-based services contributed to over 50% of this value. The size of the gig economy is projected to grow by a 17% CAGR and generate a gross volume of ~$455 bn by 2023. India has emerged as the 5th largest country for flexi-staffing after US, China, Brazil and Japan.

What reasons do you see behind the phenomenal increase of gig economy in India? Is it a temporary boom or will last long? Is it going to replace traditionally hired workforce?

AK The global pandemic has transformed the entire market game, and has massively altered the conventional demands to business operations. The pandemic-induced remote working culture has only been a boon if seen from a pair of far-sighted lenses, defocusing conventional age-old scepticism about freelancing, and remote working. Hence, the Hybrid work model is the new norm.

Business goals have evolved with the evolving business, the real time question is – do I as an employee or employer have what it takes to survive this ever-changing dynamics, if yes, how do I define a proposition that is win-win for all? The answer is Gig economy.

As per a report by ASSOCHAM, India’s gig sector is expected to increase to US$455 billion at a...

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