Gender pay gap exists, 54% companies found difficult to retain female tech talent: Survey

Gender pay gap exists, 54% companies found difficult to retain female tech talent: Survey

In a recent survey conducted by Wiley’s global talent development solution, Wiley Edge targeting 200 senior IT decision-makers and approximately 1,000 young professionals reveals 46% of young professionals report that tech careers were not promoted much to them, with that figure rising to 50% for women, while 52% didn’t receive the push even during college. 8% of young professionals said they never received sufficient information about tech careers, including 10% of women, and they instead relied on independent research about careers.

 The survey findings cite a lack of awarenessas a primary reason for the shortage of candidates in India’s tech industry.

39% of respondents said their independent research on various industries led them to believe that tech provided the greatest opportunities. Additionally, 35% were inspired by prominent figures or media, 23% received encouragement from friends, 23% possessed a natural affinity for science and mathematics, and 21% were influenced by their parents.

30% of Gen Zs viewed tech careers as future proof. Concerns arise with 36% perceiving the industry as male-dominated, 20% feeling unwelcome, and 20% lacking awareness of job opportunities (22% among women). Overall, 45% of respondents reported positive experiences in the tech industry, with 30% describing them as mostly positive.

However, women highlighted specific challenges they encounter. Among women surveyed, 25% felt uncomfortable in their current roles, and 34% expressed a desire to leave their roles because they felt unwelcome or uncomfortable. These challenges were attributed to factors such as organizational culture/leadership (30%), lack of support/resources (33%), lack of appreciation/rewards (33%), lack of growth opportunities (40%), and unequal treatment/gender pay gaps (30%). Additionally, 32% of women said they faced discrimination in the tech recruitment market.

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 Within the tech industry, businesses face an ongoing battle to recruit women for various roles. A staggering 45% of companies encountered difficulties in attracting women for entry-level tech positions, 28% for mid-level roles, and 20% for senior-level openings. For a notable 13% of organizations, the struggle spans across all levels, while 20% of businesses found the process of recruiting women for tech roles easy.

 37% of businesses admitted to having a gender pay gap problem. 74% of businesses that admitted to having a gender pay gap problem are struggling to close it. Moreover, 54% of companies found it challenging to retain female tech talent.  More than one in 10 businesses lack a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy.

Commenting on Wiley Edge’s first-ever India survey report, Ms. Archana Jayaraj, Director, Partnerships & Talent APAC, and Head of Wiley Edge Operations in India, said,”Our survey findings have provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within India’s tech talent landscape. The results emphasize the critical importance of bridging skills and diversity gaps within organizations to create inclusive workspaces. Particularly, there is a pressing need to encourage and engage entry-level talent, especially women, not only to consider but also to thrive in tech careers.

“At Wiley Edge, we are deeply committed to our mission of closing skills gaps and fostering an inclusive and diverse future for organizations. Our distinctive hire-train-deploy model addresses education gaps and empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to excel in the tech industry. By actively tackling barriers such as gender diversity gaps. Wiley Edge provides a diverse talent pipeline to our clients while ensuring equal opportunities for talent across India. We take pride in shaping the future of India’s tech sector by equipping individuals with the necessary skills and driving positive change in the industry.”

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