Focus should be on to nurture the culture of accountability

Focus should be on to nurture the culture of accountability
High performance teams and organizations empower employees to take ownership, they foster accountability, and they have a high level of trust between all levels of the organization.

Retaining talent, especially millennials; developing leadership skills

Retaining talent is probably one of the most significant HR challenges that the domain will have to deal with in 2018. And retaining millennials is the most formidable task for present day HR. Talent poaching and cut – throat competition has given an impetus of high remuneration to the deserving candidate. Job seekers have gained lot of exposure and have become highly ambitious as well. This is why they are always on a lookout for better opportunities. Today’s talent just does not look for money but meatier roles too where they can fulfil their career aspirations. Developing future leaders is essentially a complicated task. It is not just about developing right soft skills to shape future leaders. Since the global economic scenario is very volatile, and dynamic, what is required now is a skillset in the workforce that distinguishes them as future leaders. Developing future leaders is a major HR challenge that needs to...

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Alok Nigam

currently is Sr. Vice President and Group CHRO of Bhartiya Group. He has been leading people through the HR function, leading teams and shaping people's careers for over three decades. With a diverse industry exposure, he is seen as a dynamic, agile, and adaptable leader who effectively utilizes strategy and HR Tools for business transformations.

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