Demand for women gig workers increased for communication roles: Report

Demand for women gig workers increased for communication roles: Report

Taskmo, an on-demand Gig Discovery platform has witnessed the rise in the demand and supply of women gig workers over the years. Taskmo is seeing around 16% month-on-month growth in the women gig workers participation on the platform seeking for digital tasks all over the sectors which offers them extra income while having work flexibility and independence.

According to Taskmo Gig Index(TGI), a tool showcasing the demand and supply trends in gig work across the country, have shown that the demand for specifically women gig workers have increased by 10X within one year. Commenting on this trend for the year of 2022-23, Prashnat Janadri, Co-Founder, Taskmo said, “Women participation is increasing in the gig economy because of the flexibility it has to offer and it aligns with their work role requirements, whereas companies are extensively looking out for women gig workers to support and encourage them. There are plenty of roles in which women gig workers are specifically preferred, like content moderation, business executives, telecalling, and other marketing and communication roles.”

The remote work opportunities and flexibility have increased women’s participation in the gig economy. Overall 68% digital work opportunities are grabbed by women gig workers which offers them the flexibility to work remotely. The pandemic has catapulted the growth of the gig sector as people and companies started working remotely. There is around a 300% increase in the number of telecaller executives from March 2022 to February 2023. Initially, people started joining the gig economy out of necessity because of COVID whereas now people are exposed to its benefits, and companies as well as taskers are utilizing most of it.

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Content & Data moderation, Marketing and telecalling roles are the most preferred jobs by women today as the most necessary skills required in these positions are communication skills and women are considered naturally good communicators. Also, we have seen women performing better in all communication roles in comparison to men. 

Currently, on Taskmo’s platform, there are 35,500 telecallers registered, out of which 66% are women taskers who also get a higher income depending on the increase in sales. A few other job roles such as Micro-influencers, Digital promoters, brand promoters, and business executives are also popular amongst women. 

The overall gig hiring boosted in Tier 2 cities by 4X compared to last year as prominent recruiters strengthened their presence in these markets, promoting a trend of hyper-local recruitment. Women’s participation from tier 1 cities are 42%, Tier 2 cities are 40% and Tier 3 cities have 18%. 

Amongst all the monitored cities, Mysore outpaced Tier 1 cities, with a 25% rise in gig hiring demand, followed by Bengaluru (up 16 percent), Kanpur (up 18.7 per cent), Lucknow (up 19 per cent), Bhopal (up 14.5 per cent), Coimbatore (up 11.7 percent), and Delhi (up 15 per cent). 

With overall demand in Tier 2 cities has increased, the women’s participation in the gig economy has increased from 24% to 36%. The majority of women gig workers belong to the age group of 19-35 years (total of 83%)

Prity is a gig worker associated with Taskmo based out of Ranchi, she is a mother of a 1.5 year old girl and works as a content moderator with a Ed-tech company on Taskmo application. She says, “I have been working in a gig economy for the last six months. Being a mother of a child I was looking for a more flexible work situation which can help me in smooth transition between a mother and working women. While working as a gig worker, I get enough time to manage my work and family.”

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