Beyond rituals of Women International Day

Beyond rituals of Women International Day

Every year women’s international day is celebrated on 8th march. But question remains that whether it is sufficient to talk about women once a year a mere ritual and then do little for their empowerment, giving them their due with respect and dignity in social and work world.  No doubt that the growing gender diversity in Indian managerial ranks now offers a pathway for change for Indian women but it is beyond debate that much is needed to be done, be it at board level or in managerial positions, Women lack behind in spite of having all skills required to fulfil those positions.  Still women in management face challenges due to stereotyping.

Generally, women as managers are underutilized in corporate India. To advance women in managerial roles, support by top management is essential. Promoting diverse management practices and opening doors to women in management through proactive human resource policies and programs is one way for organizations to expand and strengthen their talent pool and, ultimately, preparing women for leadership roles.

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BM explores, how corporate world is contributing towards strengthening women at workplace.

Ms. Ruchi Akolkar Saini, Director HR & Operations, ATechnos Group

As more and more women participate in the corporate race, it has become crucial for corporations to go beyond the celebration of Women’s Day and help in creating a safe and flexible work environment for women. To curate a neutral work environment, we provide equal opportunities, promotions and appraisals for women employees.

Ruchi Akolkar Saini, Director HR & Operations, ATechnos GroupTo provide complete support to Women we provide extra 3 months of sabbatical leave for child care. During the monthly cycle, female staff has the facility to work from home. In addition to this, we initiated a POSH policy for women staff. The objective of this policy is to ensure protection and to prohibit sexual harassment at the workplace.


As women’s safety is our top priority we also provide cab facility to all female staff post 8 pm.

Ms. Jesintha Louis, Director, Cloud Solutions, G7 CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd. 

This year, I believe we should incorporate habits that enable us to negate BIAS and it is important we do that for a sustainable future. We are all humans and bias is a part of us, which is built over a period of time for various reasons and consequences. Constant self-realization can help us build a society and eco-system that offers equal opportunity to all.

Jesintha Louis, Director, Cloud Solutions, G7 CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Corporate, Corporations & Businesses play a vital role in enabling such environment including Media; if we as businesses start focusing on building products, services & content that does not promote any kind of BIAS in itself can address some of the challenges of 21st Century including Gender equality, discrimination based on skin colour, religion and may others. We must focus on inclusiveness in all walks of life.


Ms. Akanksha Tripathi, GM – Human Resource, Xapads Media

Akanksha Tripathi, GM - Human Resource, Xapads Media Gender equality is a basic and important human right and in today’s world, recognizing the contribution of women and girls around is important to build a more sustainable future for all.  At Xapads, trust is the foremost core value which is why today our employees feel proud of being associated with their work and the work culture. To ensure this ‘trustworthiness’ we stand by the principle of equality and promote leadership and fair treatment on the basis of talents, not on gender grounds.


Today we have a Male female ratio of 60:40 which helps as a better working environment for women too. Last but not the least empowering women and girls help to develop economic growth and support social development.

Ms. Archana Surana, Founder & Director, Arch College of Design and Business

The full and equal participation of women in political, civil, economic, social and cultural life and the eradication of all forms of discrimination on grounds of sex must be the priority objectives of the international community. Integration and full participation of women as both agents and beneficiaries in the development process, where women are at the decision-making posts shall promote gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Archana Surana, Founder & Director, Arch College of Design and BusinessEvery woman needs to be self-reliant to build a self-reliant India, and the first step towards this is to change mindsets. Leaders need to invest in the next generation of leaders, through mentoring and building mentor-mentee relationships. Especially women achievers need to expand their sense of possibilities, step-up and take the lead to devise more innovative and creative solutions to achieve gender equality and industry leaders must use their knowledge and experiences to build high-quality skilled women entrepreneurs.

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