Are the Codes panacea for Industries?

Are the Codes panacea for Industries?
The Second National Commission on Labour recommended consolidation of central labour laws into broader groups such as: (i) industrial relations, (ii) wages, (iii) social security, (iv) safety, and (v) welfare and working conditions. Is then the Codes the ultimate answer to the long pending reform?

Irrespective of various fallacies and intricacies the present existing Labour Laws might have but as HR, IR or HR Legal professionals we have lived with these laws for decades. Consequently, we became thoroughly adept with these laws and were at ease to solve the complexities and criticalities that arose out of these laws which now appears will be brusquely lost. A bare perusal of codes will entail that the twenty-nine laws subsumed in these codes has been retained with few changes and therefore it will not be an understatement to proclaim that the codes are old wine in new bottle. Nevertheless, it gives a saudade feeling as HR and IR professionals as we must now unlearn and relearn the laws once again from scratch. Furthermore, over the years after independence the judiciary has plugged the loopholes and lacunae existing in the present laws and the interpretations and the ratios set forth by the judiciary has settled various controversies and conundrum which was subsisting in the field. In may be pertinent to mention that the plethora of cases...

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Deepanjan Dey

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