New Labour laws will make doing business more easier

New Labour laws will make doing business more easier
The Code gives a fillip to the engagement of contract labour by granting an all-India licence for five years to a contractor hiring such labour. The introduction of "inspector cum facilitator" is going to be labour friendly.

This is for the first-time structural changes have been brought about by codifying some 29 labour laws (yes, the number of subsumed Labour Acts is 29 and not 44 as was being said earlier) into four Labour Codes. The Labour Law Reporter (LLR) has been advocating for more than a decade that plethora of labour laws have been like the proverbial heaven, which is neither good for Gods nor men. Similarly, these laws have neither benefitted workers nor employers. These laws have certainly increased corruption and the Inspector Raj wrought havocs to the growth of business or industry. Therefore, this is the time when these changes should be welcomed as they will pave the way for further improvements in future.

Again, this is for the first time that the atmosphere for ‘Ease of Doing Business’ will be heralded, which has been absent all through and precisely because of this reason there have not been much investments in India. There is an intricate link between investment, employment, and growth. If there is no...

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H.L. Kumar

is Advocate, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi. He has also been former Law Teacher in University of Delhi.

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