Agile HR – A Journey

Agile HR - A Journey
This is where you apply agile techniques, like Scrum, Kanban or user experimentation, directly to your HR work and by doing so co-create the solutions with your people. What's beautiful is the co-creation begins to happen on several levels.

With the organisations embracing Agile globally, if HR is not at par it may lead to two issues; the first is that HR is not taking advantage of the opportunity’s Agile offers and second, HR may find it difficult to support the organisation and can become increasingly out of touch with the needs of the business and its ability to respond to fluid and complex requirements. A good way to understand Agile HR is first to examine the two areas in which it applies to what we do.

Agile for HR

First Area: Embracing an Agile mindset and using the tools and techniques in our own work; that’s Agile for HR. For example, this could involve using agile frameworks like Scrum to co-create a HR or organisational change project, as well as experiment and test directly with end users what works and what does not. An Agile approach also helps HR and People teams to systematically manage risk by breaking down complex issues and validating decisions through immediate...

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Pavithra Urs

Associate Director-People Operations at Leading Entertainment Company

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Pavithra Urs

Associate Director-People Operations at Leading Entertainment Company

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