Toxicity in Organisation

Toxicity in Organisation
Toxic organisations are usually defined as largely ineffective as well as destructive to its employees. They thrive on control and exist in a constant state of crisis - they depend on disasters to make needed changes.

Management of organisations has now become full scale scientific endeavour involving research at every aspect, ranging from the behaviour of the employees to the physical appearance of the workplace. In recent years, a stronger focus has been put towards the understanding of the psychological attributes of the workers in all types of organisations, whether they are efficient or otherwise. There are “people” who build and run an organisation in an effective manner. The success of an organisation is strongly dependent on organisational culture, environment, and the attitude and behaviour of the people who are employed in it, i.e., workforce. Anything wrong among these three pillars leads to an ineffective or inefficient organisation. Among these, the most important is the workforce, which is most difficult to deal with. The employees are persons, and every person has different psychological traits, so their response to the situations is varied, manifold and diversified in nature. Therefore, dealing with employees requires high level of emotional intelligence. The...

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Dr. Anupriyo Mallick

currently is Associate Professor and Head HR and OB, Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (EIILM), Kolkata.

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