‘Top performer’ sacked to teach others a lesson

'Top performer' sacked to teach others a lesson

 A user’s post on Reddit sparked a row on to what extent organisation can go low to create a fear among employees to perform

Established theory of motivation since long is that the talent should be provided an open and encouraging  environment free from any fear  where he can deliver his best and contribute in organisation growth along with his own. This motivates others to  perform best but  the incident of scaring others and making them insecure by creating a sense of fear among them has fallen into a controversy.

Recently a company’s action stirred ire among social media users, as they sacked one of their top-performer as a means to make a point and teach a lesson to the rest of the staff, according a report of NDTV by amit Chaturvedi.

 A user shared the news on Reddit that gained significant attention and criticism. As per the user, the companyterminated one of its most accomplished employees to demonstrate their ability to terminate anyone at their discretion, the report added.

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“Honestly, a lot of things have been going down at my current job including upper management stealing commissions from workers, not respecting contract terms, giving us a hard time if we spend more than 5 mins in the bathroom, and saying the door is open if we don’t like it etc,” the Redditor said in the post.

“The other day they threatened to fire me because I was demotivated, demotivated because they stole my commissions. Today they fired a coworker who was a top performer and just behind me in sales figures,” the post further said.

Though in the post the user mentioned that they were officially told that the employee was sacked because he was not meeting expectations. “But, our direct manager told us they fired him as an example, that we shouldn’t fight with management for stuff like commissions or breach of contracts, because they can fire anybody at will if we are trying to go against what they say.”

“Sounds like an open-and-shut civil suit to me. Shame there won’t be criminal charges,” said another.

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