Rewards and Recognition at workplaces

Rewards and Recognition at workplaces
R & R is a common initiative for retaining talent in organisations but nature of the same is different from industry to industry. Author attempts to throw light on some practices of R & R in different sectors.

The reward and recognition practices were started in the era of human relation, wherein principles of Douglas Macgregor, vroom theories and Maslow hierarchy of needs were coined. The principles and practices were changed over a period of time.

These activities have undergone many changes from time to time, sometime it is monitory and sometimes non-monitory, sometimes it is voluntary or sometimes it is non-voluntary, sometimes in the plant and sometimes out of plant as per the changing business needs. In defence sector, no monitory or cash reward is provisioned. However, non-monitory rewards in the form of commendation letter are given through proper channels. Medals/Ranks are given as per length of service or on promotion.

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In government sectors or PSU (Public Sectors Undertaking), It is more in the form of promotion through a process of ACR (Annual Confidential Record)/up-gradation are given but luxury of...

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Dr. Bhupendra Kaushal

Currently is Head - Manufacturing (HR) with Zydus wellness Limited.

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Dr. Bhupendra Kaushal

Currently is Head - Manufacturing (HR) with Zydus wellness Limited.

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