Relevancy will be the differentiator

Relevancy will be the differentiator - Simran Oberoi
As technology is likely to make many roles redundant, the biggest question HR professionals and leaders will be asking themselves about how technology can be leveraged to enhance rather than eliminate their roles.

How do you visualise the future of work in respect of Artificial Intelligence adoption in HR functions?

SO While we have been seeing a consistent shift in the role of HR, for the last few years, with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, the transition from being tactical or operational, to strategic, will become faster. HR teams have been focused on partnering with business in a variety of ways. But with AI solutions becoming embedded into people processes, they truly have a place on the decision-making table. Each stage of the employee lifecycle is likely to be connected to AI-related processes and that means the HR function itself along with its sub-processes will undergo a complete transformation. From hiring and inducting new employees, at one end, to creating a robust leadership pipeline, with the rise of feedback-loop mechanism in AI, each process will continue to better itself. As a result of that, HR will need to evolve significantly and become a more agile function that is able to reshape and realign itself at the same speed...

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