Providing feedback- the core of PMS needs to be taken seriously

Providing feedback- the core of PMS needs to be taken seriously
Employees should not be considered as a cost or should not be treated as a number. Companies need emotional psychological commitment of employees in the forms of passion, commitment, willingness to go extra mile, and some also expect loyalty.

How do you see the PMS landscape across organisations and define the new fronts of Performance management that may open up post Covid?

SL PMS is a business process managing and assessing contributions of people. It is wrongly considered as HR Process. HR only owns the process. It is implemented and used by employees and people managers. Since the ways of working (WoW) have changed at this time, it is logical to consider appropriate changes in PMS. Though the scope, objective and process steps may not change significantly, the way of PMS administration needs to change in line with the change in WoW. It is expected that the reporting and measurement of performance will become sharper and remote assessment and appraisal discussion may lead to lowering of emotions involved in classical face to face reviews.

Will it be appropriate time to rethink about conventional metrics HR consider for performance management system? If yes, what changes...

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Shrikant Lonikar

Director and CHRO at Pernod Ricard for Gulf, SAARC Region and India, Gurugram

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