People oriented professionals also to embrace technology

People oriented professionals also to embrace technology
That is what brought about a paradigm shift in mind-sets resulting in organisations standing behind employees & their families in multiple ways from financial support to emotional & personal engagement.

Do you feel that business leaders and HR’s focus is now back on people? What are the possible reasons for change in this paradigm shift?

SB The focus of enlightened business leaders & HR professionals has always been, is and will be people. The Business leadership at large, is now slowly but surely realising, especially after the pandemic, that people are their most valuable assets and the business can only be sustained and grown through engaged & committed team members. And commitment is a two way street – if you as a business or HR leader exhibit genuine commitment & care for the well-being & development of people, they will reciprocate with great enthusiasm, ownership and personal commitment. The importance of collaboration, interdependence and mutuality was sharply driven home by the covid pandemic. The distance/remote working presented its own challenges and WFH brought the family into office through the realisation that employees are important...

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Shrikrishna Bhave

Head - Human Resource at Forbes & Company Limited, Mumbai

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