Need has become more basic and realistic

Need has become more basic and realistic
While approx 20% of our employees and many family members got infected in second wave. The organisation had put up all out efforts and resources to support in the best possible way.

Do you feel that business leaders and HR’s focus is now back on people? What are the possible reasons for change in this paradigm shift?

SS I would love to believe that “People focus” is on priority list of business leaders’ agenda. It is true that industry has displayed such examples during second face on many occasions. Though it is too early to conclude its longevity and continuity but the indications and intent shows the positive change. The reasons could be multiple for this shift like Emotional, Humane and Business compulsion.

Human first : While we must accept that business leader is first & for most a Human being from heart than a Professional. Pandemic has touched...

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Sanjeev Sharan

is associated as Director- HR with ZTE Telecom. He is also author of "Flipside of Management- 7 funny tales" & NLP Practitioner.

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