Moonlighting – Forbidden fruit of hardwork

Moonlighting - Forbidden fruit of hardwork
Moonlighting is a case of conflict of interest with the employer's business. The normal term and condition of employment restrains employee to take up any other work while from employee's point of view, moonlighting is simply doing extra hard work, without compromising and adversely affecting the work of primary employer.

Moonlighting may be perceived by a layman like gazing moonlight in the sky at night or doing something in the light of moon; or searching for a treasure in the darkness of night with the help of light of the moon. But in corporate world, moonlighting means doing a second job secretly in addition to one’s primary job.

In olden times, the employee had very simple life with very limited desires and needs. No car, no scooter, no TV, no mobile, no watch, not so many clothes, children studying in government school with token school-fee, no restaurant dining, no movie watching, no online shopping etc. With meagre salary he was managing his entire family by living in a small, rented house. He could hardly provide necessities of life to his family. He did not spend anything on himself without regret. After retirement, he would build a partly complete home for his children from the paltry money he received as his provident fund and gratuity etc. Because of short life span those days, he would not live longer to enjoy living in his own house. Perhaps the employee of that era...

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