Middle management is the breathing mechanism for organisations

Middle management is the breathing mechanism for organisations
However this virtuous cycle can turn into a vicious cycle. If an artist performs on the stage and people boo the artist, the confidence of the artist goes down. It affects the art of the artist as well. Even when people do not react to the performance, as if the artist was not there, that breaks the confidence of the artist.

How do you decode the Middle Riddle? What are the most relevant issues involved with middle managers in the organisations?

HK How do we decode something which is not even coded? We are making an assumption here that the middle riddle is coded. It is not. It is right there in front of our eyes. Many times, we are not able to recognize and appreciate things that are too obvious. How many times we really appreciate our breathing mechanism for our survival. Still we cannot live without it. That is the first biggest issue with middle managers – they are the essentials which are easy to ignore.

The organisations that experienced extreme stress situations in the past, understand the importance of middle managers. Just like people under extreme stress find that breathing is much more than survival, it has a huge contribution to well being. The middle managers are more than the span breakers; they knit the cultural fabric of an organisation which has...

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