Making Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion a reality at work

Making Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion a reality at work
An organization's leadership must have the will and commitment to make their workplace a DEIworkplace and, most importantly, a concrete plan of action.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) are the cornerstones of a thriving modern business. A diversified, inclusive workplace that provides equal opportunity to all is bound to cultivate an innovative and supportive culture, which will go a long way to make that organization successful. It sounds like a simple enough formula; make your organization a DEI workplace, and your challenges will melt, and your opportunities will grow. But why don’t all organizations make their companies a DEI workplace? Because it is easier said than done.

Pandemic changed the way we think and function in almost all spheres of life. Businesses have gone through tremendous stress in maintaining the pre-pandemic status quo. With pandemic-induced remote working becoming the new way of working, it opened new opportunities for organizations that hitherto were not possible from the DEI perspective. Remote work has helped many organizations to take advantage of their diversified talents. Post pandemic, organizations can now tap into the talent pool of people who otherwise might have travel...

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