Little that matters most!

Little that matters most!

When covid seems fading away or we can say that people have started learning to live with it, India Inc is also returning to normal but with new changes in work and workplace having challenges in terms of enhancing internal customer (employee) experience. The expectations of employees and their organization from each other are to be aligned. How employees view and experience their journey with the organization has gained much importance in last few years and it will remain so in future. Actually, employee experience has never been in focus so much and talked about. It existed but not much structured. It revolves around employee’s needs, expectations and apprehensions. It is all about how they feel about organization’s practices in respect of employees during their stay.

After covid with accelerated speed of disruptions in business, here is an opportunity for business leaders and HR professionals to redefine the employee experience and identify what employees matters most. Lip service about employee care or wellbeing with nothing happening at ground is not going to work more. To create a purposeful and memorable experience, HR professionals have to work on a collaborative and inspiring work culture that facilitates employee experience. Here, one thing has to be kept in mind that employee experience is not only a HR program or initiative but a holistic approach business leaders have to adopt to drive growth through people. It is also not to get confused employee experience with employee engagement. These are interlinked. Employee experience generates employee engagement. If employee feels bad at work, he will not be engaged.

When we talk about redefining Ex, it has to be about identifying touch points that employee encounters every day. Managers and peers through work culture that is developed on the pillars of collaboration, trust, mutual respect and transparency enhance positive experience about touch points. Technology plays an important role in enhancing employee experience. One has to use design thinking before applying technology for employees’ use. It has to be simple, user friendly and purposeful that creates delight. Employee’s experience digitally at workplace plays effective role in this regard. It is to be ensured that technology brings value to individual employee. There can be countless factors that impact Ex. It is all about little things that matter most. It is very crucial to help business leaders and HR professionals create and deliver as well as help employees to instill sense of belongingness.

This edition cover story is on this crucial subject attempting to understand the nuances and getting to know through Industry HR experts as to how important it is to focus on it and how to enhance the Ex.

If you like it let us know. If not, well, let us know that too.

Happy Reading!Little that matters most!

Anil Kaushik

A Management thinker, Educator, Motivator, Guest Speaker of Management Institutes, Consultant, author of labour law books and President of Indian HR Forum, with about three decades of deep rooted understanding, Floor experience and research in HRM Area and Training has led many organizations to a path of productivity, performance and profits with business linked HR strategies.

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