Layoffs : Is permanency permanent in employment?

Layoffs : Is permanency permanent in Employment?

Layoff Layoffs Layoffs this word is ringing in the ears of people in employment, off the employment more specifically people in IT Sector. It is not merely ringing but reverberating to the utter dismay and shocking of everybody. The reason cited is crisis in IT Sector on account of recession. The word lay off used here is not the word layoff as defined under the Industrial Disputes Act. The word layoff herein referred to the severance or separation from employment. The whole world is staring at it. The ramifications of it are beyond imaginations and no one is able to pinpoint them. They are beyond the control of anyone. The main culprit recession cannot precisely be defined. The problem of recession is multi-dimensional and understood differently by different people. This is the trigger for this article and the issue of permanency is permanent or not is discussed with multi-lateral approach. There may not be newness in the discussion but will certainly look strange and different. An attempt is made to put the things in macro and broader perspective initially before it is...

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P. Soma Raju

is Specialist Consultant HR IR, Labour Laws, Hyderabad.

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P. Soma Raju

is Specialist Consultant HR IR, Labour Laws, Hyderabad.

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