Improve organisational resilience to prepare for future disruptions

Improve organisational resilience to prepare for future disruptions
We can't express love and kill people, subsequently and still say "I still love you" on his/her grave. Efforts are to be directed towards avoiding layoffs and keeping people relevant irrespective of business conditions through L&D initiatives.

How do you evaluate the growing layoff trend and decode the underlying circumstances in Indian context? Will global layoffs jolt India’s IT sector?

ST The word layoff was first coined for temporary discharge of a worker because of temporary adverse economic conditions, shortfall of orders from customers, adversity caused industrial unrest or impact of seasonality on business. However, it’s no longer a temporary discharge and, in most cases post 1990, this discharge is found to be permanent separation from conceptualization to execution in the name of layoff. Therefore, temporary discharge became permanent termination of job and hence this process can’t be termed as layoff or layoff itself is conveniently redefined to include both temporary and permanent discharge.

In genuine cases of layoff, concerned employee understands and realizes the need of layoff due to compelling circumstances in which such step is taken and hence such process is less painful. Managers hardly spend time and energy on analysing need of...

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