Investing Diversity in the Workplace

Investing Diversity in the Workplace

The Indian IT sector has witnessed significant increase in the number of women employees in the last few years. More than 20 lakh women are employed in the IT sector, accounting for 36% of the total workforce.  In the last decade alone, 10 lakhs more women employees have been added to the sector. This makes it 36 per cent of the entire workforce of 50.3 lakh in the industry, as per research by NASSCOM, IT Industry’s Apex Body. (The Economic Times

There is a reason to celebrate. For sure.

More companies are offering initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion, now and there are mechanisms in place to measure and benchmark the progress made in this front.

So, steps are being taken in the right direction but is this enough? Have all sections of women been covered? Have all sectors embraced DEI?

Surely, we still have a long way to go. We need to roll up our sleeves and see, what more can be done to increase the representation of women in the workforce.

We have close to 60% gender diversity in certain business functions and an average of 26% overall women representation at the organization levels.

Organisations should consciously add more women in each of their business units. There must be women-friendly organization policies which pave the way for more women to get on board. Campus recruitments is a great channel through which women from various parts of the country can be hired, to present a diversified work force.

A strong work culture and flexible work environment will make more women enter or re-enter the organization. Undoubtedly flexibility ensures greater ownership among employees, fosters greater employee engagement and better employee experience.  Developing hybrid work policies and guidelines will be a great enabler.

Employee wellbeing must be of paramount importance to the organization and all stakeholders should understand the importance of work-life balance. Team-building efforts must be taken consistently, and women employees must be made to feel important and part of the decision-making process.

Women employees must have access to mentoring, which is seen as one of the most critical enablers.

Comprehensive talent development programmes will make employees break boundaries, come out of their comfort zones, and learn more. Such programmes must be conducted at regular intervals. An employee wellness policy must be in place, with exclusive women-friendly features.

Women who have had to leave their career or take a back seat must be given another chance to move ahead in their profession. It is the responsibility of all organisations to devise a programme for women who are willing to come back on professional track.

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Comprehensive and relevant POSH policy will create a conducive atmosphere for women to put in her best at work. Making her feel safe and secure is the responsibility of each one in the organization. Organisations must have a zero-tolerance approach towards sexual harassment. The psychological safety of women employees must also be addressed.

An inclusive organization should give a level-playing ground so that the women employee feels completely safe to run behind her professional goals, without any hindrance. It is about time we give HER the space she deserves. Let HER grow.

We have close to 60% gender diversity in certain business functions and an average of 26% overall women representation at the organization levels. We have a highly diversified work environment including employees of different educational backgrounds, age, professional and socio-economic background. All festivals and special occasions are celebrated with the same spirit. We also conduct a sports tournament called for better bonding and superior employee experience. We recently launched the Hi-Potential employee programme for employees to upskill themselves for future roles. This programme aims at providing adequate training to employees for them to stay competent enough in learning new technologies and software’s that are being introduced.

Besides this, we do have an employee-friendly sabbatical leave policy – wherein a woman employee is able to prioritise family requirements over her career and able to resume later.

Our strategies are planned and implemented flawlessly. We constantly innovate and ensure it is relevant to all strata of employees.

Our safe and respectful workplace makes sure that the employee feels psychologically safe. With a culture of innovation and belongingness.

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Dr. Yegnaramakrishnan Gopalan

Vice President - Human Resources at iOPEX Technologies

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Dr. Yegnaramakrishnan Gopalan

Vice President - Human Resources at iOPEX Technologies

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