Improving resilience through L&D

Improving resilience through L&D
This mental training practice teaches individuals to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm their mind and body. This training usually requires exercises to get employees into a state of flow.

A learning and development initiative focusing on building a more resilient workplace requires leadership buy-in. Employees are more likely to participate if leaders are actively participating in and promoting the training initiatives that helps improving resilience in the organisation.

A Resilient culture

When launching a resilience training program, make a company-wide statement showing support for mental health and resilience. Promote an open and trusting management style, and ensure managers know the importance of addressing the mental well-being of the staff to help ingrain a focus on wellness in your organisation’s workplace culture.

While individuals can’t always control what happens or how much work there is to do, an organisation can develop core inner skills in their employees, so that they will be more resilient and resourceful in times of high pressure.

When you plan a...

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