How can HR build a robust brand for Organisation

How can HR build a robust brand for Organisation
Current employees are a reliable source of information to the potential candidates and hence, marketing or marketers are not the only ones in building your brand reputation alone. Human Resources now embrace the new role as internal brand builders.

Human Resources aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about branding. What comes to mind instead are slick advertising campaigns and instantly recognizable logos that promise value and quality as well as an appealing image or persona to consumers.

Consider Google, Coca-Cola, and Apple when considering the world’s most successful brands. There’s another thing these brands have in common if you look closely. These brands have been recognized as “Best Place to Work” with strong company culture and highly engaged employees.

Companies with high levels of employee engagement are more productive, more profitable and less likely to experience employee turnover and retention. Employees who believe in the organisation they work for have higher productivity and add value to brand proposition. However, they can also serve as brand ambassadors for their organisation’s products or services.


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Praveen Narwal

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